Since 2015, we have been promoting manufacturing and machining career choices. The founder of the blog, Matthew Schowalter is a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker who recognizes that the future of the trade is dependent on the skilled workforce to educate aspiring machinists, CNC programmers, and tool & die makers.

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A Brief History and Our Impact


Machining Careers, LLC president Matt Schowalter saw the need to inspire the youth and talk to them about manufacturing career paths. He partnered with his local youth apprenticeship program and made an inspirational testimonial video on how the youth apprenticeship program helped start his career.

It was that same year that he wrote a 4 page article called Machining a Great Career Path. It was yet another way to inspire the next generation, as Matt told about some of the opportunities that were given to him after he became interested in manufacturing.


Matt partnered with Whizcut America and they presented swiss machining to students at a career fair with over 1,000 students. He later went on a gave students shop tours of an advanced manufacturing facility.


Matt started the website in 2018 and developed it into a great source of information for aspiring machinists. The website has an audience of about 1,000 visitors per year now.


The domain name of became owned by Machining Careers, LLC